Sunday, June 23, 2013

Komugi - 日本仕込みで毎日、 焼きたて

Did the photo above capture the same sight which draw queues at a new bakery in town? Yup, a similar sight in Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid and Pavilion, KL? Scroll down and affirm for yourself whether we are on the same channel. Most likely yes, if items like cream puffs and cheese cakes ring your bell. This is Komugi, a bakery chain baking fresh hand made bread, cakes and confectioneries

Besides their cheesecake and cream puffs/horns, their other items like colourful Macarons, Mille Crepe, Swiss Rolls, meringue themed confectioneries to name a few. I was given a friendly warning that no photography is allowed inside the bakery, so that's all I can extract from my memory power.

First timers might be skeptical and try one piece or two. But once you are hooked, you wont be surprised to see people buying them in boxes of half dozens or even few dozens! Their Signature Hanjuku Cheese is actually semi baked cheese cake. Yes, it lifts up to its claims, it is indeed light and creamy.

Do not be underestimated by its size! It is premium cream cheese being used here, resulting into total satisfaction in every bite! Well, that's not much bite a RM3.50 per piece can bring you. But rest assured, its rich and creamy and will win the hearts of the most fussy cheese cake lovers out there. Although they come in chocolate and green tea variants, I recommend you get the original one if it's your first time here. Besides this, they also have the Hokkaido Cheesecake in cupcake form, which is supposed to be lighter compared to this.

This is the Cookie Cream Puff, another forte of theirs. Spoilt between the horn and the puff, I went for the latter. Both are priced at RM4.80 if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure I remembered this price correctly because if you were in my Facebook friend list, you should remember the joke about the an uncle asking for price and later blatantly ordering 2 dozens. Yup, this is how premium food outlets managed to survive in KL. Purchasing power and demand from customers is just as equally on the quality of your food.

Back to the taste, if I'm not mistaken, both the Cookie Cream Puff and the Creamy Custard Krones are filled with cold custard filling. The cream puff is actually not really the typical chewy puff you get in your local bakery. The one here is very light indeed which is slightly on the crumbly scale. I really love the pastry here, which tasted a bit similar to Beard Papa. However, the quantity of custard cream pumped inside is a sign of over generous. It's not painstakingly sweet but the proportion of pastry and custard may cause some to nod their head while some might shake in disagreement.

Being a lone ranger hunting for new food in Sunway Pyramid while my friends are taking their nap, there is a limit to how much I can  try. I definitely will be back again, hoping to make a trip to their outlet in Pavilion KL (situated at the 5th floor - the Japanese zone), which is cafe themed. You can order drinks to go along with you bread and pastry as they are tables nearby. Till then, drop by Komugi to satiate your sinful cravings! ^^

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