Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Murni, SS2 - Mamak Redefined!

What will you normally order in your local mamak? I think your answer would roughly range from nasi lemak, maggi goreng, roti tissue, teh tarik.... In this post, I will relive the nostalgic moments of my university. I really miss those days where we would drive all the way from Serdang to SS2 for a taste of fusion mamak food. Some might call it an over-rated mamak but I prefer to use the term "Mamak Redefined". Formerly known as Murni... they now have few branches in Sunway Mentari, Aman Suria, to name a few.

But nothing beats dining here in the streets of SS2... They now have a more extensive menu with colourful pictures. They haven't increase the price much and you can still find your favourites from yesteryear, namely the Roti Hawaii (Indian flatbread stuffed with sausages, cheese, pineapples and minced chicken), Claypot Lou Shu Fun, Mee Raja (Wong Dai Mein - egg noodles lightly tossed in oil with chicken meat, prawns and squid) and your favourite fried rice with chicken chops. Now, have I convinced you that this is THE mamak which you can find Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western food all under one rood? And this is THE mamak which you can see customers from all races enjoying their food in the walkway or roadside?

Although I was ditched for dinner, I never really complaint as my budget hotel was just a stone throw's away. I already have  this place in mind for dinner. But being just one person, it is a tough moment to decide what to order. For drinks, the Mango Special (RM6) is one of the best sellers alongside Ribena Special. I'm not sure how pure is the mango blended is but the presence of the real mango is there instead of just plain cordial. Topped with a few lychees and generous serving of Nata de Coco, you can find a few pieces of honey dew at the bottom (order the Ribena and you will get watermelon instead). That's why I said: Mamak Redefined!

Fearing that Roti Hawaii (RM5) is not filling enough, Mee Raja'a (RM8) portion being too much as it was said to be able to feed 2 person, I decided to try something new instead of the Nasi Goreng Napolean (RM15 for a chicken fillet with cheese sausage wrapped in it, a humongous portion of fries and fried rice and a sunny side up egg). This is the Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan (RM8). Generous amount of fish cake, chicken breast meat and 2 prawns thrown in for good measure for this slightly spicy, Malay-ish fried rice. Though a bit oily, the taste was just so-so but the the portion is humongous! Murni is never skimpy when it comes to ingredients. You get a full drumstick with thigh! The pandan chicken was fried earlier as it was not piping hot compared to the rice, else the dish would fetch a higher score. I think I shall stick to the safe options of Mee Raja, Spaghetti Seafood or Nasi Goreng Maryland or alike.

I heard that the owner is an Indonesian Chinese and I'm not sure whether they have a recognised Halal Cert. Nevertheless you can see many Malays patronizing this place. The SS2 outlet still bears the original Murni name though now other branches has the signboard Murni Discovery. Whichever outlet you decide to go, you will definitely be mesmerized by how innovation gives mamak a fresh makeover... :)

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