Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hui Lau Shan, KLCC. Healthy desserts, anyone?

As soon as I stepped into Hui Lau Shan outlet, the mango platter which consists of 3 items immediately caught my attention. When the HLS craze swept our shores about a year ago, I’ve seen a similar photo being posted on Facebook. I found out the name was called Mango Romance – which consist of a mango puree based item, a mango sorbet and a mango mochi. 

Yup, this is the one I'm talking about, a familiar sight in your Facebook news feed some time ago right? This photo was grabbed from the Official Site.

This time around, there is a new platter called Mango Feast which is featured in the photo above. Priced at RM13.90, I would say this is not relatively cheap. Perhaps the desserts like shaved ice in Tong Pak Fu also will fetch almost RM10 too.

The first item in the platter is Mango Icy with Coconut “Noodles”. Well, some might think the “icy” is more like a sorbet than ice cream. The “noodles” are actually coconut flesh which is very refreshing and complementing well with the sorbet. There is a small serving of fresh mango cubes. Nothing really out of the ordinary but it was a decent affair.

The second item is a mango puree dessert served with glutinous rice balls……….. and more mango cubes. Not overwhelmingly sweet, I would love it more if they include a bit of sago inside. The tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) has a bit undercooked texture, still on the over chewy side. Just small flaws, else its a good attempt.

I have no idea what is this from the photo in the menu. It turned out to be a "ice cream" bar. Fresh cream with small cuts of mango flesh (again!) with dusting of biscuit crumbs/nutty powder. Seriously I have no idea what is it but it tasted good.

Apparently the KLCC outlet is their 13th or 14th outlet in Malaysia. And from a insider source, I was told that this outlet menu is priced slightly higher than the rest due to high rental fee. To add salt to the wound, a service charge of 10% was charged, in addition to the Government tax, the total bill came to a whopping RM16+! Will I return again? Hmmm... most likely not :p

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