Tuesday, June 18, 2013

San Kan Chong/3JC Noodle House

San Kan Chong was previously known as 3JC, a famous food chain selling pork noodles. The type of pork noodles made famous here is unlike the ones you normally have in hawker stall, whereby you get lean meat, minced meat balls/patties and some internal organs. Missed out my earlier post on my visit to Lot 10's food court, well, let's take a recap about this version of pork noodles. :)

This is one of their best sellers - Dry version of handmade noodles. You can opt for Lou Shu Fun, Hor Fun or yellow noodles but I would normally go for something special - their own noodles which resembles pan mee texture. Cooked to an al dente mouth feel, the noodles are then tossed in a dry sauce and topped with minced meat sauce. The minced meat paled in comparison with the stall in Lot 10 Hu Tong, supposedly the famous one from Jalan Imbi. Served in mildly peppery and slightly "porkish" soup, the pork meat balls here are bouncy and smooth in texture and the saving grace was the pork sausages, which only appeared in a pair of thin slices. Overall, I feel the one in Lot 10 Hu Tong have the slight edge thanks to the better proportion of aroma of lard and dark soya sauce in the minced meat. The set shown above is RM8.90, not very pricey if you compare the price of a bowl of noodles in the urban coffee shops, given the cleaner and air conditioned environment, spanning a few outlets in Sunway Pyramid, Low Yat and One Utama.

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