Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another trip to KL tmrw - reminiscence of the past weekend!

Without much realisation, I'm heading down to KL once again! My previous visit was just around slightly more than a month ago? This time around, I think I wont be playing Mahjong in Shinyee's house or camwhoring in a airport (!!!). Let me do some recollection over the moments hanging out in an airport while regrouping with another few friends to meetup for dinner in Kampung Baru Subang.

Not to mention, living like a KL-ite, caught up in the lust of material possession. I spent just one weekend there, and when I got home, suddenly I felt so sucky to drive a petrol thirsty national car, working on Saturdays with a relatively low pay and felt that I'm so far from all my wishlist - a DSLR, home theatre system, at least an item by Steve Jobs, oversea trips, a Japanese brand car or even a house! If I were to work in KL, I wonder would I be able to brace through all of these temptations the world has to offer. So much material possession, so little money.

Imagine most people are driving cars like these..... Don't you feel tempted to own one? =) I do.... at least there aren't many cars such as this in Ipoh. Spare me the peer pressure. Though I would love to own at least a sport performance car, AT LEAST once in my life. And with my low Ipoh salary range, God knows how. If the cars won't get in your head, perhaps all the branded stuffs in Pavilion or Starhill Gallery does. I feel so inferior if I'm walking with short pants and slippers here.
With my Ipoh salary, perhaps I still can afford a round of window shopping or even shopping once in a blue moon in KL. Not a shopaholic by nature, the craving for good food is always present in my blood. And gosh, how I wish to grab one Subway loaf as soon as I step out of the KTM. I wonder what is the Sub of the Day for Wednesday. =)

And places which I definitely wanted a revisit. One would be Levain. How blissful it is to have a pastry breakkie or brunch on a lazy weekend with an old style cottage setting. And the best of it all, it won't hurt your pocket much.

Especially with close ji muis.... Some things are better chat with girls. We can't deny that the fairer gender is blessed with genes of good listeners. Better still, one which also shares the same interest with me, which is EATING! =)

Chilling out in Sunway Giza. Well, I'm such a kampung boy to know that Sunway Giza its not in Sunway, its in Kota Damansara. There are alot pubs and cafes here. And this place will be packed to the brim if there were football matches!

A simple gathering with my coursemates who are working in KL after I failed to enter our CNY gathering due to the Perak State Christmas Musical. Of all the places we chose to chill in OverTime bar. No clubbing this time around because we seriously need to talk and update each other.

Males are a rare "commodity" in my course. And tonight, I present you the 3 best ones! The 3 most happening ones - excel in almost everything, except academic! =p

MILO ain't the drink for Champions. BEER is!!!! Hahaha.... It's my first time drinking Starker beer. Available in two types, Aromatic or the Full Lager. We had the Aromatic, which was lighter and have a faint sweet taste. I would recommend the Aromatic to those who are in their baby steps into enjoying booze. RM15 for half a pint, RM28 for a full pint, RM300 for a barrel!

Managed to meetup with most of my IKUPM Engineering Cell Group members over the signature Roti Diana. A dish not found in mamak elsewhere. The roti canai is shredded, stir fried with some vegetables, fried chicken cuts and curry. Then it is wrapped in an omelette. Some of us guessed that this dish got its name because it look like a CAR WRECK. =o This is one stall which houses the unsung heroes which loyally serving UPMers without much affected by the price hike. Thanks to this stall, I'm so much motivated during the study/exam week. Though most of the time, overeating here cause me to doze off while revising my work =p

The following morning, I had breakfast at Bao Long, a common chinese eatery well known to all UPMers. People in Serdang fancy certain dishes alot. You can find Pan Mee stall almost everywhere, but the ingredients used is really below standard. It's common to find pork meat balls, fishballs, fu chuk unlike REAL PORK meat patties and pork slices for Pan Mee found in Ipoh. Other than the disappointing LATT TONG (spicy pepper soup), Serdang also takes pride in Hakka Yong Tau Fu and Fish Head Noodles.

Last but not least, video games arcades have the latest game machines. Among them, my favourite dance game, PUMP IT UP. The FIESTA edition compiled popular hit song from all the predecessor release. The LCD screen with MVs accompanying the latest songs really bring the game to another level. Besides that, a few rounds of PARA PARA PARADISE cleansed me from all the guilt of overeating in the last 24 hours. Time to doze now, as I will be up for another 2 days in KL. Looking forward to the Easter Musical tmrw night!

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